Jumbos for Jumbos: Tufts Elephant Conservation Alliance

Jumbo Statue on Tufts campusTime is Running Out

One of the most urgent wildlife conservation crises is the poaching of elephants for the international illegal ivory trade. If poaching continues at current rates, wild elephants will be driven to extinction within a decade.

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The Solution

Recognizing the importance of elephants both globally as a keystone species and uniquely to Tufts University’s legacy, a multi-disciplinary group of faculty members from across the university have formed J2: Tufts Elephant Conservation Alliance (TECA). TECA has identified priority activities in research, scholarship, outreach, and teaching with the goal of shaping a transdisciplinary strategy for rescuing elephant populations. Our goal is to achieve tangible outcomes that will advance elephant conservation, as well as educate the university and community at large.

Why Tufts?

Saving elephants from extinction demands an understanding of the complex biophysical, sociocultural, and political landscapes in which the elephant poaching crisis is occurring, and the collaborative, multi-disciplinary, and multi-sector approaches that are required to successfully address it. Tufts University is uniquely positioned for such a research challenge. Together, our campuses provide the broad expertise this problem requires with scholars in human and veterinary medicine, environmental sciences, engineering, public health, diplomacy, conflict studies, urban planning, economics, and epidemiology.

Please donate and join Jumbos for Jumbos in the race for elephant survival.

What your gift to TECA can do!

Every gift we receive will make a Jumbo difference.  We’re taking the herd approach and want you to participate at any level that works for you…

Here are examples of the work your collective gifts could support!

  • 20 gifts of $10 = $200 – Speakers for the Tufts elephant conservation series
  • 20 gifts of $25 = $500 – Acoustic equipment to monitor and protect elephants
  • 20 gifts of $50 = $1,000 – Student stipend for research on elephant conservation efforts
  • 35 gifts of $100 = $3500 — Summer internship support for Tufts students working with conservation NGOs

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Join us as we begin work on this urgent initiative and look forward to our future progress reports.

For more information about TECA, contact Dr. Lisa Freeman, Director, Tufts Institute for Human-Animal Interaction or Ellen McDonald, Librarian, Ginn Library, Fletcher School.

Tufts Institute for Human-Animal Interaction: Lisa Freeman; Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy: Sulmaan Khan, Ellen McDonald; Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine: Felicia Nutter; School of Arts & Sciences: Dale Peterson; Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy: Chris Peters; School of Medicine: Paola Massari; Sackler School of Graduate Biomedical Sciences: John Castellot; School of Engineering: Karen Panetta; Tisch College for Civic Life: Chris Swan