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Mission Statement

Our mission is to promote the health, strengths, and well-being of humans and animals through transdisciplinary partnerships that foster innovative research, education, and service programs in human-animal interaction.

Vision Statement

To enhance the lives of humans and animals through mutually beneficial interactions.

How to Get Involved

Boy-Cat_440x265Animal Instinct: Cummings School scientists seek to put some evidence behind what we intuitively know is a wonderful thing: our special relationship with the animals in our lives. Read more…


Tufts Institute for Human-Animal Interaction

News and Announcements

  • Spring 2020 Newsletter!
    What’s new at TIHAI? Check out our spring 2020 newsletter for updates and upcoming events! Tufts Institute for Human-Animal Interaction Spring 2020 Newsletter
  • TIHAI Scholars Spotlight: Daniela Lopez Goicochea & Riley Aronson
    Daniela Lopez Goicochea V’21 & Riley Aronson V’21 Providing Spanish language access to Tufts veterinary clientele: Breaking down barriers and fortifying the human-animal bond through communication Our shared summer goal was to implement more Spanish resources & medical Spanish interpretation services for the clients of Tufts at Tech Community Veterinary Clinic and the Foster Hospital … » read more
  • TIHAI in the News: Love Your Pet Day!
    For National Love Your Pet Day, co-director Dr. Megan Mueller discusses with CNN the ways we believe our pets are good for us—and how science does (and sometimes doesn’t) back that up. Learn more about TIHAI’s research here!
  • TIHAI Scholars Spotlight: Tatyana Kalani
    Tatyana Kalani, MS DVM/MPH Candidate, Class of 2021 Soil, children, and wildlife: The cycle of lead in the urban environment Lead (Pb) is an inorganic, heavy metal and is naturally found in the environment, including in air, soil, and water. Industrialization has increased the amount of heavy metals like lead in the environment. The historical … » read more
  • TIHAI information session – February 5th at noon
    Are you a Tufts student, faculty, or staff member who is interested in learning more about how to get involved with the Tufts Institute for Human-Animal Interaction? Come join us on Wednesday, February 5th at noon!