2016 TIHAI Student Scholars Announced!

Congratulations to our 2016 TIHAI Student Scholars:

We are thrilled to announce four awardees of the 2016 TIHAI Student Scholars program. Stay tuned for updates on their exciting projects throughout the year.

  • Jonathan Sirota A17, Erick Garcia E17, Eric Hochwald A17, Kevin Lindell A17: ChangeFire Tufts, Development of Crucial Infrastructure for Community-led Hawksbill Conservation in the Padre Ramos Estuary, Nicaragua
  • Stephanie Chubb V17: Assessing Zoonotic Gastrointestinal Parasitism in Dogs among Unstably Housed and Domiciled Pet Owners in Worcester, Massachusetts
  • Jody Epstein MAPP16: Effects of ThunderShirt on Chronic Stress in Shelter Dogs
  • Meaghan O’Reilly MAPP16: Assessing the Impact of Moral Developmental Stage on Animal Interests and Attitudes in Adolescents

Funding for the HAI Student Scholars program is provided in part by the Elizabeth A. Lawrence Fund.