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TIHAI is currently accepting proposals for the 2019 Human-Animal Interaction (HAI) Student Scholars Program. Projects may be geared towards activities that benefit people, animals, or both, although activities that benefit both will be given priority, and proposals that involve harm or stress to animals will not be considered. Topics may be

Robin I Kopplin, M.S. Animals and Public Policy
Chew on this: Evaluating Welfare in Giraffa camelopardalis feeding encounter programs and using expert interviews to increase knowledge of giraffe welfare
Modern zoos sponsor a variety of visitor-animal interaction in the hope that it will foster positive environmental and conservation-focused behavior towards wild populations. Animal

Jessica Baldeck, M.S. in Animals and Public Policy
Alternatives for learning about wildlife in captive settings
Learning about animals plays a major role in children’s science education, and it is very common for these animal-related lessons to be reinforced by visiting wild animals in captive settings. However, there is concern about the

Join us for the 2017 TIHAI Spring 'Pet and Learn' Series!

NEW DATE - MARCH 29 from noon to 1pm
Barnum 104
Come meet therapy animals from Tufts Paws for People and support the Tufts Equestrian Team bake sale!
Followed by:
"Horses and Humans - Understanding our Hooved Companions"
Dr. Megan Mueller

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