Support our group to train and mentor new volunteer teams to make a difference in the community by visiting with their animals!


Tufts Paws for People is a non-profit organization in New England associated with the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University and supported by the Center for Animals and Public Policy. Tufts Paws for People is a Community Partner of the Pet Partners® organization.

Tufts Paws for People provides education, evaluation, and mentorship for individuals looking to visit with their pet. We also provide assistance to facilities looking to start an animal visitation program, and our teams work in a variety of environments to provide safe and effective animal visitation.

Pet Partners® Handler Training Workshop dates

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Pet Partners® Team Evaluation dates

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Want to get involved?

Visit! Become a registered Pet Partners® team and visit with your own animal.

Volunteer! We always need volunteers without pets to help with a variety of tasks:

  • Workshops and evaluations
  • Educational events
  • Marketing
  • Public relations
  • Office help

Why work with us?

Tufts Paws for People teams are well-trained and prepared to provide effective and safe animal visitation.

Training: Members start with an 8-hour workshop provided by Pet Partners® instructors on safe and effective visitation.

Evaluation: Members must pass a rigorous Pet Partners® Team evaluation with their animal every 2 years.

Mentorship: Members are mentored by experienced Paws for People members for their first visits.

Health: All Tufts Paws for People teams are required to have:

  • Annual veterinary examinations
  • Current rabies vaccination
  • Annual parasite testing
  • Grooming within 24 hours of each visit
  • Proper identification and knowledge of facility policies
  • No contact with raw protein diets

Liability: All registered Pet Partners® teams carry liability insurance.