TIHAI Student Scholars Program

2019 TIHAI Student Scholars

Congratulations to our 2019 TIHAI Student Scholars!

Riley Aronson, V21 and Daniela Lopez Goicochea, MPH21, V21

Providing Spanish language access to Tufts veterinary clientele: Breaking down barriers and fortifying the human-animal bond through communication

Maha Bazzi-Magee, MAPP19

The impact of photographic manipulation on viewers’ perception of cats’ personalities

Kaili Chen, A20

Sustainable livestock care at Nordic Horn Farm

Tatyana Kalani, MPH21, V21

Soil, children, and wildlife: The cycle of lead in the urban environment

Ariel Lefkovits, MAPP19

Exploring how much perceptions of canine behavior and temperament are affected by breed type

The TIHAI Scholars Program is generously funded in part by the Elizabeth A. Lawrence Fund through the Center for Animals and Public Policy.